Gender marginalization in public sculptures extends beyond art and affects equal opportunities:

In 2017, the United States dropped to 49th place on the Global Gender Gap Index (World Economic Forum). Among the countries it falls behind are Uganda, Israel, Bolivia, Cuba, and Columbia.

Gender equality is not just a critical move for women - it’s imperative for the nation as a whole! Women who currently make less than 80 cents per
dollar earned by men - make
up half the skilled talent in the country and the economic growth of the country will suffer if that talent pool isn’t fully tapped.


Especially in light of recent discriminatory events taking place across the world, Gillie and Marc believe it’s more important than ever to put an end to sculpture inequality!

“If people are shown women as role models, it will in effect change biases, aspirations, and perceptions about women in history and leadership.”

The artists are launching the Statues for Equality campaign with the mission of changing the imbalance of female representation in public art. Their goal is to have an equal number of male and female sculptures in the world within 5 years.

To kick-off the efforts, Gillie and Marc are creating a bronze sculpture circle of 10 amazing women alive today, and launching it on Women’s Equality

day on August 26th 2019, in New York City.


The Statues for Equality Launch will

take place on Women’s Equality Day,

August 26th, 2019 and feature 10 incredible women voted by the public of the world.



Creating equality is integral to the advancement of humanity. With the entire population being allowed to prove themselves and shine, rather than just half, there can be more innovation, creativity, advancement, and mental stability for all. Gillie and Marc want to give you a chance to become a part of history and to make your stance on gender equality known to the world.

Gillie and Marc would like to offer you the opportunity to help support history in the making with the wonderful women from your area. As a part of the ‘Statues for Equality’ project, the artists are giving you the chance to nominate a great woman, either past or present, who you would like to recognise for their inspiration, leadership, creativity, dedication, accomplishments, and any other qualities you deem worthy of recognition. You can decide what qualities are most important for your company, and what you feel deserves the most recognition.

This will be an incredibly important opportunity for you, to set the tone of the culture within your area, and to let your stance on gender equality be known to the world. You can be part of rewriting the history, allowing women to be recognised for everything they deserve, and paving the way for future generations to be free from gendered discrimination.


You will need to nominate a woman to have a life size bronze sculpture or bust created of their likeness.

The sculpture will be the property of yours. You may erect it wherever you like.

Gillie and Marc are passionate about equality and want to create change, not create profits

Gillie and Marc are excited to partner with you to change the world!

Please send your expression of interest to: Elodie Couturier, Art consultant Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.