Who is your Local Legend?

Gillie and Marc’s project Local Legends will offer specific communities the chance to have created a custom bronze sculpture that embodies the spirit of who they are! 

The collection in Local Legends will consist of a series of site-specific pieces, which will act as a catalyst for connection and a deeper understanding of the local culture and people. 

Our goal is to achieve 100 Local Legends in 100 locations across the world! In taking part, each location will be connected to other Gillie and Marc sculptures in a shared collective network, giving visibility to these unique narratives that continue to shape our sense of cultural identity, and that may otherwise go unheard or be forgotten.

A Local Legend could be an unlikely animal hero, a sport star, musician, folklore (fictional characters or creatures) or pillars of the community. The sculpture will be a one of a kind unique piece that you will be able to keep permanently. The statue will become a monument, a reason for people to remember your space and something to spark conversation and storytelling! 

If you are interested in commissioning a local legend, please email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.