Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why do I need an Estimate?

There are a number of reasons to have your antiques, jewellery and fine art appraised, from simple curiosity to complex estate management. in order to adequately sell these pieces, you must know how much they are worth.


2. How often should I have my fine art valuated?

The value of your paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, fine art can change, dependent on many factors. If there is a change in the condition of your piece, that can certainly affect value. Market conditions and trends can also affect the value…what was trendy and popular 20 years ago, may not be today. Conversely, something that was worth very little 20 years ago, can be very valuable on today’s market. How often you have your pieces appraised may also depend on the reason for your appraisal.


3. How is value determined?

There are many factors that determine value. We will use all of the resources we have available to determine the value paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints,  fine art piece,  artwork dependent on it’s rarity, maker, condition, and provenance.


4. How much will my estimate cost?

Appraise art charges $4 for each estimate : please consult our page Estimates


5. How long will my estimate take?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how much time each estimate will take. Remember, each value is handled on an individual basis. We strive to provide you with the most accurate and professional value, which often requires research and consultation with our network of specialists. Rest assured we will complete the result as quickly as possible. For more common pieces, you can receive a response very quickly.


6. Request for estimate

Thanks to fill this request form. Please have the following information available:

  • Clear color images of the front and back, and a close-up of the signature or maker’s mark
  • Dimensions, medium and other details available
  • History of the item (when, where and how was it acquired)
  • Copies of appraisals or any literature relating to the item or certificates of authenticity, if available


7. Technical Problems

Fell free to contact us  :  cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.