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Ever wondered what your item worths ? Get estimates online before selling your items, or just out of sheer curiosity.

Thanks to our specialists in art market, we provide a service of estimation & advices to sell your paintings, sculptures, silver, jewels or works of art.

When estimate a work of art, many factors are taken into consideration such as authenticity, condition, subject matter, signature, medium, date, etc.

For the purposes of what we will do here it should be understood that this estimate will be made from an average of auction records over the last decade or those years paintings by this artist auctioned and were recorded.  The estimates you receive is an auction value.

As it is purely based on the inspection of a photograph, and the consideration of any information which might be supplied by the applicant about the item it can’t be used for purposes of insurance, auditing, taxation, trust, estate value or appraisal.

The first 3 estimates are still free. 

 Estimate online over 3 works of art, painting, sculpture, jewel for only $5 from the 4th item

  1. Take some photos of your artwork
  2. Send us the photos, size and details (provenance, invoices, certificates of authenticity) 
  3. Receive your valuation by e-mail 

The estimates are provided on the basis of the most applicability auction results.

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