Oscar Heyman: precious heritage of the Heyman family

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Oscar Heyman: precious heritage of the Heyman family

The history of jewelry manufacturing in the United States is punctuated with countless similar tales of personal grit, determination, and a ceaseless drive to innovate.

Before emigrating from Ukraine to the United States in 1906, Oscar Heyman and his brother Nathan were trained in the famously rigorous workshops of Fabergé. 

In 1912, Oscar and his two brothers Nathan and Harry, brought with them not only their rarified skills, but an abiding passion for gemstones and an old world approach to gracious customer service. Together, they were able to establish a self-contained company where quality could be monitored at all stages.

Oscar Heyman authenticationOscar Heyman jewelry certification

Skilled in ­crafting jewelry with platinum, the Heymans became one of the most prestigious New York manufacturer of the very finest precious stone jewellery; dedicated to European-style craftmanship and "by hand" fabrication. They quickly transcended the ranks of skilled laborer to become preeminent fine jewelry fabricators, creating pieces for boldface brands of the day such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Marcus & Co.

The Heyman Family has run the company for three generations. Today, members of the second and third generation work side by side with dedicated and skilled employees who continue to create jewelry of the highest standards for connoisseurs of the twenty-first century.

2012 marked the 100th anniversary of Oscar Heyman. The manufacturer has presented its 100th anniversary collection featured pieces of classic styles to celebrate each decade of creative genius and reputation for quality of the Oscar Heyman jewelry dynasty. Check out the video.




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