Orhon Mubin Mübin Orhon, studied political sciences in Istanbul. Following his graduation in 1947, he traveled to France for his master’s in ec...
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Eduardo Arroyo He is a Spanish painter and graphic artist. He was born in Madrid on February 26, 1937. He stu...
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The gallery Diet   Gallery Diet is a contemporary art gallery in Wynwood which regularly produces exhibitions by emerging and established artis...
Alexander Calder He was born in July 22, 1898 in Lawnton, Pennsylvania. He was an American sculptor whose talent was a family heritage...
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Georg Baselitz Georg Baselitz was born on January 23, 1938. He is a German painter, who's style is interpreted by the Northern America...
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Wednesday, September the 9th- 4 PM


Lucien GUYOT sold for 31,062 dollars


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Jacques Boussard, in the studio of Germain Richier
Works sold
Jacques Boussard, painting, live auction, Wednesday April 13th - sold European office, Paris N°17 ...