René Romero Schüler at the Sardinas Gallery in Miami Gardens campus

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A brillant visual artist internationally recognized for her unique style and method

René R. Schüler has taught painting at the Illinois Institute of Art, and Chicago City Colleges, and has lectured at Northwestern University. She is a current board member of the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) in Chicago, and her work is in the permanent archives of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Concerning her art,  Schüler has never limited herself to any particular dimension in the scope of her work.

 Her paintings are literally “sculpted” out of oil with a palette knife. Whether on canvas, paper or three-dimensional sculpture, René Romero Schuler studies the relationship between what is immediately apparent at the surface and what exists beneath.

Her technique involves harnessing textural layers of paint, palette scratches, and bold colors or dynamic manipulations of wire or clay, to stress the tension between surface and depth. The female figures captured are equal parts self-portraiture and portraits of the range of human emotions and experiences.

Her approach – personal, universal, but ultimately intimate – is visually and emotionally affecting and powerfully connects art to artist to viewer.

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The content, human figures or their landscapes, are deconstructed of their specificity and speak to more universal and visceral reality. These figures truly are “everyone, and no one”.

The exhibition will take place on April 3d, at the Sardinas Gallery on St. Thomas University’s Miami Gardens campus. For More information contact Mac Fine Art, 833 NE 4th AVE, Fort Lauderdale, FL (954.990.5420)

source: Miami Art Guide



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