Georges Lapchine, a russian painter

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1885 - 1948

Lapshin Georgiy (George) Alexandrovitch (1885 - 1948) Born in Moscow. Studied in Art school of Stroganov in Moscow together with А.Shevchenko. Since 1906 studied in France (in F.Kormon's studio). He participated in numerous exhibitions in Moscow. Since 1925 - exhibitor of the famous exhibitions in France (Society of arts, Salon Independent). In 1922 he left Russiatravelled in Germany and Italy. In 1924 he moved in Paris. Since this moment he constantly exposed in Salon Independent and Salon of the French artists. He exposed russian landscapes and also landscapes of Venice, island Capri, Versailles Paris. Also he was known as the singer - the tenor, he constantly took part in concerts, sang in Russian Opera in Paris. He worked a lot in theatre as decorator and stage designer. Works of artist are stored in the State Tretjakov's Gallery, in the Kazan Art museum, in private collections.

Auction results for Georges LAPCHINE in Painting

Eglise russe dans un paysage d'automne - Painting , Oil/canvas, 45 in x 57 5/8 in - Hammer price: $20,559

Mimosas in a Chinese Vase - Painting , Oil/canvas, 13 1/8 in x 16 1/3 in - Hammer price: $9,000

Auction results for Georges LAPCHINE in Drawing-Watercolor

Péniches sur la Seine Drawing-Watercolor , Gouache/paper, 5 7/8 in x 8 5/8 in Hammer price: $1,284

1950 Paris (1912) Drawing-Watercolor , Ink, pen/paper, 10 3/8 in x 7 5/8 in Hammer price: $2,443

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Bomb Hugger, No, 2003 - Aerosol and stencil on cardboard - 78 x 55 cm -

Part of the series of signs known as "Pest Control", notably used by demonstrators against the war in Iraq in 2003 

Provenance: Private collection

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