Burchiellaro Lorenzo

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Burchiellaro Lorenzo

Born in Venice in 1933, Lorenzo Burchiellaro works are mainly in metals: bronze, pewter, zinc, aluminum, gold and silver (at the beginning of his career), but especially copper. The colors are the result of natural processes started with the application of acids, oxidation and fire which contribute to give his works a chromatic never equal to itself; chromaticism that is the result - often unpredictable of a particular dosage of acid and fire and the weather conditions at the time. Another constant in the search for Lorenzo Burchiellaro was to give priority to the vacuum rather than to the full, in this way the space surrounding the object becomes that thing "happens" from which we learn to see form in another way. All this happens within a continuous experimentation possible thanks to a complete mastery of techniques and materials.

Auction results for Lorenzo Burchiellaro for furniture

Tavolo basso (c.1970) - Furniture , Aluminium, 30 3/4 in x 10 1/4 in - $1,250 - 2013

Tavolino sa alotto (1960') - Furniture , Perspex, 13 3/8 in x 30 1/3 in x 30 1/3 in - $1,300 - 2013

Auction results for Lorenzo Burchiellaro for lighting

Quattro lampade a sospensione (c.1975) - Lightings (4), Metal, 24 3/8 in - $323 - 2012

Auction results for Lorenzo Burchiellaro for objects

Mirror (c.1970) - Objects , Aluminium, 2 1/2 in x 23 1/2 in x 58 1/2 in - $4,500

Rare mirror, from the X Triennale, Milan (1954) - Objects , Mirror, 22 3/4 in x 18 1/4 in - $12,000 - 2013

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