Art Exhibition in Echo Brickell's sales office

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In the heart of the Financial District, hosted an exclusive art gallery event at their sales office inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Brickell.

The exhibition is running from February 25th  to March 5th , daily except Saturday & sunday, from 10am – 6pm.

It is time to come to buy some wonderful pieces !

Collaborating and co-organizing the event were Miami top realtor Brigitte Respaut Clement from OfCourseMiami, and Elodie Couturier from Appraise Art who represents the prominent French artists

Featuring works of art by prestigious French artists from Appraise Art, including Cristal BenitoPhilippe EcharouxGwendoline Bonnet Philippa Martin from Verre L’ Essentiel and Julien Lachaud, this private event gathered an elite clientele who have a passion for both art and real estate. 

One of the artists displaying his works of art was Cristal Benito who can be described as an exception crystal master being able to cut crystal to form unique pieces of art. He has developed many creations through various shapes and dimensions. Fusing together the reflection of light through glass allows his pieces of art to be enhanced for a unique look.

In addition, Philippe Echaroux, a French street artist born in 1983, also displayed his innovative collection. He invented and coined the concept of Street Art 2.0 with his “Painting with Lights” concept that has been featured in over 44 countries. He has photographed for high end brands such as Adidas, Lego and Fiat.

Gwendoline Bonnet Philippa Martin from Verre L’ Essentiel testify for their passion of glass blown pieces, one through her majestic chandeliers, and the other through her creative stained glass windows .

More about the night

About Elodie Couturier

Elodie Couturier is graduated in History of Art & Archeology from the french university La Sorbonne, Paris, France and in Jewel & Gemmology from the “Institut national de Gemmologie”, in Paris France. She is the dedicated specialist whithin those fields of expertise.

Elodie Couturier organizes for contemporary artists special events enhancing and promoting the artists' work.

Read more about Elodie Couturier

About Brigitte Respaut-Clément from OfCourseMiami 

In 2010 , 2011, 2012 -2013 Brigitte Respaut-Clément closed more than $ 40 Million of cash sales with foreign buyers only.

She is on top of her game and poised for further success.She has never experienced a growth in any business as meteoric as the one she is experiencing now. She is proud of the accomplishments that she has attained in less than 3 years.

Read More about Brigitte Respaut-Clément


Contact Real Estate

Brigitte Respaut- Clément

[email protected]

305 934 2870

Contact art

Elodie Couturier

[email protected]

786 376 6654


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