Arman, Ambassador of the Nouveau Réalisme.

Arman, Ambassador of the Nouveau Réalisme.


Armand Pierre Fernandez is an American artist, born in 1928 in Nice, France. He is one of the most famous international object artists and co-founder of the Nouveau Réalisme.

Armand studied at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Nice from 1946 to 1949 and then continued two years at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris.

His neo-dadaist 'Cachets' (stamp prints) of 1955, and later the 'Allures' (prints made with objects dipped into paint) and the 'Coupés' (cut-up objects) followed by the 'Colères' (objects which were smashed and then mounted) were influenced by Kurt Schwitters.

Once, the last letter of his name was accidentally forgotten on a catalogue cover in 1958, and as a consequence Armand decided to keep this spelling as a pseudonym: Arman.

At the beginning of the 60s he created the 'Poubelles', Plexiglas cases with rubbish cast in resin, this pier of art became quickly very popular. Later, Arman developed the so-called 'Accumulations', a number of same objects assembled in show cases.


Arman began working on the 'Combustiones' (burnt objects) during a stay in New York in 1963. He accepted a teaching post in Los Angeles in 1967 and taught at the University of California until 1968.



From 1975 onwards Arman spent seven years working on a monumental sculpture made of 60 cars which he called 'Long Term Parking'. Together with Klein, Tinguely, Raysse and César, Arman is one of the most important artists of the Nouveau Réalisme.

Though Arman passed away in October 2005, the efforts of his wife of 34 years, Corice Canton Arman, and of the Arman P. Arman Trust, continue to ensure that his remarkable ability to transform and elevate.

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