Abbema Louise

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Louise Abbema (1858-1927)

A painter in the Impressionist style, as well as an engraver, sculptor, and writer, Louise Abbéma was one of the most successful women artists of her day. Her media were etching, pastel, and particularly watercolor; as a writer, she collaborated with the journals Gazette des Beaux-Artsand L'Art. She is best remembered for her portraits and genre scenes, and for her relationship with Sarah Bernhardt, but Abbéma also painted flowers again and again. They appear throughout her oeuvre--women hold them in bunches, they fill vases, and they are the subjects of her still-lifes.

Auction value Louise Abbema - Drawing and watercolours 

Double portrait de Sarah Bernhardt (1900) - Drawing-Watercolor , Watercolour, pencil/paper, $4,200 - 2013

La ville de Paris portant Sarah Bernhardt (c.1900) -  Drawing-Watercolor , Watercolour, pencil/paper, - $3,600 - 2013

Auction value Louise Abbema - Paintings

Portrait of the poet and politician Albert de Quintana i Combis (1879) - Painting , Oil/panel, 8 1/3 in x 6 1/3 in - $967

Portrait en buste de femme au noeud rose, une rose au corsage - Painting , Oil/canvas, 30 3/4 in x 23 5/8 in - $1,300 

Auction value Louise Abbema - Prints

Femme en bord de mer - Print-Multiple , Engraving, 5 1/8 in x 6 3/4 in - $56

Auction value Louise Abbema - Sculpture

Sarah Bernhardt - Sculpture-Volume , Plaster, Ø 6 1/3 in - $553

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