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Verre l'Essentiel, Gwendoline Bonnet, vase VERRE L’ESSENTIEL Mediterranee By Gwendoline Bonnet Technique Transparent thickly blown galss with...
Verre l'Essentiel, Gwendoline Bonnet, large cup VERRE L’ESSENTIEL Anemone By Gwendoline Bonnet Thick blown free formed glass decorated with- ...
Gwendoline Bonnet, a Glass-Lover "I was born by the Mediterranean, whilst growing up I swam in the sea. I played, carefree in the almost permanent he...
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Wednesday, September the 9th- 4 PM


Lucien GUYOT sold for 31,062 dollars


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Padparadscha sapphire gold pendant
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European live auction, Padparadscha sapphire gold pendant, Wednesday April 13th European work Padp...