Real estate and sculpture in Miami

Real estate and sculpture in Miami

Miami, a wind of change

Historically, Miami has been renowned for its stunning beaches, international finance, and non-stop nightlife. 

Today, however, people from all around the world are choosing Miami as the ultimate destination in which to live in terms of culture, industry and entertainment. 

Miami is also the festivities and exhibits about art Basel in December. 

Real estate in Miami

It’s an exciting time for new Miami condominiums developments.

While new projects are always emerging, some of these new projects are truly attention grabbing and bring with them the style, the comfort and the innovative features people have to come expect from Miami Condos.

Innovation is always an important component among Miami condos and especially new developments. 

Art, luxury & Real estate in Miami

Art, luxury and architecture have been always connected.

A look back in history finds sculpture and architecture joined much more closely that they are now.

Architecture often attempts to play with several spatial and formal concepts but the extent of this experimentation is often limited by budgetary and engineering constraints. Sculpture is a medium in which formal and spatial tests can be performed to and aesthetic extent without architectural limitation.

Promote luxury real estate complex with luxury art ?

Appraise art is specialized in organization of cultural art, design and jewels events.

Art Luxury and Real Estate meet during an unforgettable event. 

Elodie Couturier, art expert & jewels expert organizes cultural art, design and jewels events, binding art luxury and real estate 

Elodie Couturier - contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sculpture and Real estate in Miami


Julio Le Parc, Torsion sculpture, Miami    


 Event Art & Echo, Miami


 Event Muse & Lalique Miami


Event Polles sculpture in Sagamore Hotel Garden - Art Miami Beach December 2017








Art Basel Miami, a place to be
Julio Le Parc, Torsion, sculpture in Miami

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