Gillie and Marc, He loved playing the horn for obvious reasons

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Gillie and Marc, bronze

He loved playing the horn for obvious reasons

Dimensions 120 x 98 x 78CM (H*L*W) 100kg

Materials Bronze with bronze patina

Editions /8

Price upon request


Unlike anything else in the world, music brings people together. Music is an emotive expression that transcends borders and is shared by every single creature on earth. Without a definitive race, religion, orientation or culture, Gillie and Marc’s iconic hybrid-duo symbolize the acceptance of all people as one. 'He loved playing the horn for obvious reasons' was inspired by the way that, in some form, each and every one of us has created, listened to and shared music at some point in our lives. It has the power to calm, excite, surprise, and overwhelm us. Whether we’re at a concert with friends, singing alone in the shower, or listening to a busker play on the streets of an exotic location, it is through music that we realize we’re not so different after all.

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