Cristal Benito, Aquamarina caviar bar, Art & Echo, Miami

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Cristal Benito, Aquamarina caviar bar, Ar & Echo, Miami

Cristal Benito - Aquamarina caviar bar

Hand cut crystal vase setting bronze gold plated 24 carats

H.50 cm / 20 in. – Diameter : 38 cm /15 in

Selection of interiors : Glasses / Caviar / Perfumes

Selection of colors : Clear / Kobalt / Aqua / Gree / Red

More about Cristal Benito

This piece will be exhibited and sold during the event ART & ECHO from February 24th to March 5th


 Amethyst vase, Cristal Benito


Art & Echo Event in the Echo Brickell sales office


Four Seasons Hotel

Echo Brickell Sales office

15th Floor

 1435 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131 

(305) 358-3535


Cristal Benito, Vase, Art & Echo, Miami

Cristal Benito, Urne, Art & Echo, Miami

Cristal Benito Art Deco Sconce, Art & Echo, Miami

Cristal Benito, Box Clear, Art & Echo, Miami

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