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Inventory  in your home 

If you have a significant collection including pictures, furniture, silver, jewels and works of art that you are considering selling, or just out of sheer curiosity, we can provide a detailed evaluation of your pieces. The estimates are provided on the basis of the most applicability auction results. A report with photos is sent mentioned value and description for each piece or lot. The fees of this description and evaluation, which is not an appraisal, could be deducted if we sell your items.Our team of competent and committed art experts is at your disposal and will gladly advise you in detail on the consignment of your art objects. 


Insurance Valuations

Our partners can provide authoritative Insurance valuations of the highest standard for fine and applied arts, and many collecting categories. 


Appraisal & the IRS

Estates, Appraisals & Valuations in the US has extensive experience providing appraisals that appear before the Art Advisory Panel of the Internal Revenue Service. Our partner's appraisals meet IRS standards and adhere to the USPAP guidelines.

For all these services, do not hesitate to contact us cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be glad to inform you about all the details and fees.


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 Live auction Paris Expertisez.com


Bomb Hugger, No, 2003 - Aerosol and stencil on cardboard - 78 x 55 cm -

Part of the series of signs known as "Pest Control", notably used by demonstrators against the war in Iraq in 2003 

Provenance: Private collection

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