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Fine art auction valuation

We are specialized in fine art auction valuation.

This bipolarity between USA and Europe establishes a bridge between the two continents, offering the best selling opportunities between Europe and the United States. It also enables services to future expatriates wishing to know the value of their property, or to be properly insured during the move or sell some before leaving. Expatriates can also benefit from these services, thanks to the Paris office if they have an estate to manage or France must estimate heirlooms.

Appraise-art is a team of European fine art experts. Each specialist has between 20 and 40 years of experience in fair market valuation for private collectors, insurance companies, foundations and museums in:

European Fine Art: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Etching, furniture, works of art and new media

Worldwide fine art : Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Etching, furniture, works of art and new media

As quick as possible our specialists will respond to requests of estimate and provide an accurate and confidential valuation.

Contemporary art events 

Organization and promotion of cultural art, design & jewels events in Miami  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

United Sates

Miami : Appraise Art -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paris : Expertisez SAS - 75 boulevard Haussmann – 75008 Paris – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.www.expertisez.com 

About Appraise Art Directors

Elodie Couturier, european paintings, sculptures, silver and jewels expert and director of events department 

 Elodie Couturier

Specialized in art market since 1995, Elodie Couturier is  the founder and is heading the company Expertisez in Paris, France and Appraise art in Miami, and also consultant in contemporary art.

Elodie Couturier is graduated in History of Art & Archeology from the french university La Sorbonne, Paris, France and in Jewel & Gemmology from the “Institut national de Gemmologie”, in Paris France. She is the dedicated specialist whithin those fields of expertise.

Elodie Couturier organizes for contemporary artists special events enhancing and promoting the artists' work. Elodie Couturier has a specific partnership with Realtors and Developers in Miami, organizing VIP's event to promote the luxury condos, matching Art & Real Estate

Eric Couturier Sculptures and paintings auctioneer, expert and director

 Eric Couturier

Eric Couturier has over 30 years experience in auction business.

Eric Couturier is an auctioneer and heading the company Expertisez in Paris, France with one auction event per month.

Eric Couturier is gratuated in Law from the french university Assas, Paris and became auctionneer, graduated from “La chambre des Commissaires Priseurs de France”, Paris France. He has leading his own auction house in Paris, Drouot since 1984. Among many auction sells, he had a particular interest in sculpture’s field. He is the dedicated specialist whithin two main fields of expertise : modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures. As an auctionneer in Paris, he is able to estimate all kind of works such as furniture, silver, jewel, works of art. He created in 2006 the first online art estimate Expertisez.com in Europe, dedicated to value painting, sculpture, jewel, silver and artwork. He is predominately specializing in european paintings and sculptures but with a real passion for bronze. He is also the specialist of the well known artists Jean Fautrier and Etienne Martin.



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