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Don't know Gillie & Marc ? Have a look to the New York Times Magazine article "How Paparazzi Dogs and Rabbitgirl conquered New York City Streets"

Spring is here ! Have you ever thought about having a garden sculpture ?

Once-in-a-lifetime Public Art Opportunity



Gillie and Marc have been travelling 7 of their most beloved and famous sculptures across the globe for all to enjoy. These sculptures have been displayed in incredible locations including New York City, Melbourne, Sydney, Dublin, San Francisco and more. 

New season has sprung! A new season means new beginnings. It’s time to get out into the garden and work on your private wonderland.

Garden sculptures are the perfect way to transform your garden into the extraordinary. They bring contrast and a story that’s entirely your own, making your garden grow more beautiful. We want to give you all this opportunity whether that’s in a large public park or your own slice of paradise.

Join us in our celebration and take this opportunity to give your garden a new life!



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