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New-York City - Gillie & Marc sculptures Statues for Equality

Especially in light of recent discriminatory events taking place across the world, Gillie and Marc believe it’s more important than ever to put an end to sculpture inequality!

“If people are shown women as role models, it will in effect change biases, aspirations, and perceptions about women in history and leadership.”

The artists are launching the Statues for Equality campaign with the mission of changing the imbalance of female representation in public art. Their goal is to have an equal number of male and female sculptures in the world within 5 years.

To kick-off the efforts, Gillie and Marc are creating a bronze sculpture circle of 10 amazing women alive today, and launching it on Women’s Equality

day on August 26th 2019, in New York City.

Don't know Gillie & Marc ? Have a look to the New York Times Magazine article "How Paparazzi Dogs and Rabbitgirl conquered New York City Streets"


Specialized in art market since 1995, Elodie Couturier is  the CEO of Expertisez in Paris, France and Appraise art in Miami. She is leading the Contemporary Art  & Luxury Events department 

Appraise Art has a specific partnership with Realtors and Developers in Miami, organizing VIP's event to promote the luxury condos, matching Art & Real Estate

Other promotional events are organized during Miami Boat show, Art Wynwood week, and Paris... 




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